Active Outsourcing offer the Right People

The team at Active Outsourcing have experienced building the offshore teams at Deloitte and Moore Stephens so we know the challenges that accountancy firms face when they take the step to move work offshore. Active Outsourcing know the problems and we understand the solutions.

Active Outsourcing is the team you can trust:

Our Australian Team overseeing our offshore staff are all CAs or CPAs and have been employed and trained at mid-tier and Big 4 accountancy firms in Australia. They know their stuff.

Our Offshore Team have all been working in the Australian Taxation & Accounting staff for a number of years and with CA and CPA quality control processes in place you can trust our team!

While getting access to cost effective work offshore sounds great, there are a number of hurdles along the way.

A team’s proficiency makes a huge difference to your firms outsourcing success. A team that is lacking is a cause for concern. This is where a service provider with a knack for providing services to Accountants and Financial Professionals can really make the difference between success and failure.

You need a team who have the right capability.  A team who have done this before.



Our founder is Kane Munro who built the outsourcing capability at Moore Stephens Melbourne and then Nationally for Deloitte Private.

These roles included responsibility for all training, team building, management and technical skills for the offshore team to complete over $8 million of annualised revenue.

Kane’s role was also profiled in the Barefoot Investor’s nationally syndicated column on outsourcing professional services work. You can read the article here.

Kane has key noted at the Smithink2020 outsourcing event as part of their annual Practice Management conference. Watch a narrated version of his talk here.

You can check out Kane’s background at LinkedIn

Having worked as a professional accountant, run his own firm, as well as experienced outsourcing from the provider’s side, Kane has a unique skill set in the Australian professional services landscape.

It is this type of Australian based experience combined with our highly skilled offshore staff that differentiates Active Outsourcing.


Our Offshore Team have all been working in the Australian Taxation & Accounting staff for a number of years.


A number of our staff have been involved in the Australian superannuation industry for over 5 years with some already having clocked up 10 years in service.


We have known and trusted our staff for many years, but here are 3 reasons you can too:


1. We assist with cultural differences and misunderstandings as our staff have a high English literacy rate and direct exposure to Western culture.


2. We have developed a data security plan from the outset which covers where the data can be stored, levels of staff access, physical security measures in place in the office facilities, including printers/USB access etc.


3. We assist in protecting your existing intellectual property rights and ownership of newly created intellectual property. We achieve this by ensuring offshore staff sign a Deed of Confidentiality and Assignment of Intellectual Property (upon their employment).


We put all the right safeguards and education in place to ensure your firm is protected.


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