Active Outsourcing – Our Pricing

We try to keep things simple at Active Outsourcing. That means we offer 2 different models, to keep things simple and flexible for you.


Our ‘PER JOB MODEL  fully flexible and is a good way to dip your toe into outsourcing.

As the name suggests this model is based around a set fee per job to have the Active Outsourcing team assist you with your work.
This allows you to have the resources available when you need them rather than a commitment to a full team.

This model is especially popular for SMSF compliance where most firms lack relevant processing experience.

As an example, our pricing for this starts at $500 (plus GST), and is capped at $1,000 (plus GST) per SMSF.

This includes a review by both an Offshore and an Australian Manager.

We can provide software transitions between different SMSF platforms.

We also offer SMSF audits by our ASIC Registered SMSF Auditors.

Our team have great experience and are fully supported by ICAAs and CPAs in Australia.

Team Based Model Pricing – BUILD YOUR OWN TEAM

Our second option is our ‘TEAM BASED MODEL’ which is unique as it offers accountancy firms more access and control over systems, software and training.

We also allow your firm to share ownership in your own offshore team, which may be very important going forward.

We identify the right candidates, train the staff in the basics of Australian taxation and accountancy and provide them with an office and the infrastructure to work on your jobs, but from there you have the ability to mould the team to your firm’s needs and requirements.

Active Outsourcing provide the staff and manage them day to day in our offshore office, but they are your team.

Our pricing for this starts at $2,000 per month (plus GST) for a fully trained and fully supervised staff member.

The minimum number of staff required under this model is usually 5 staff.

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