Active offers a Real Partnership

We all need partners. It’s a simple fact.

When we have a great partner—or two, or three, or more!—we can achieve a lot more than we ever could each on our own.

There are people who see business as being only one winner and one loser and that’s how they look at relationships and partnerships: Who is “winning” the relationship or partnership?

We don’t look at business or life like that.

We believe that relationships are essential to business. We want to help our partners to expand their accountancy firms as well.

We can establish your own team for you and give you control on how you want to run your team.

We can offer you a real partnership.

Something you can own.

NOTE: Adhering with the Privacy Legislation and Accountancy Guidance Notes in Australia means it’s very important that you maintain the requisite control of your team to protect you and your clients.

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